BiographyServing as an expert in Behavior-Based strategy, Fernando Vinagre, has focused his professional career to areas such as Best Practices, Performance and Consequence Systems, and Performance Improvement. While managing at all levels of organizations, he has experience leading projects / initiatives that improve productivity and safety across a variety of industries.  

Mr. Vinagre has experience in Evidence-based Practices, Workplace and Executive Coaching, Motivation, Leadership Development, Training / Instructional design, and Organizational Change Management.

​Today, as founder of Behavior Change Solutions, a consultancy for Management, Mr. Vinagre has focused his Behavior Analysis skill set towards Executive, Corporate, and Team Leadership development, Succession Training, Career & Transition Training, and Life Coaching.

Mr. Vinagre, with a Master Degree from Florida Institute of Technology, is both clinically and organizationally trained and holds a  National Board Certification in Behavior Analysis.

Company History:  Bx Change Solutions, LLC (BCS) is a consultancy that has devoted their efforts towards expanding the Science of Applied Behavior Analysis, and specifically Organizational Behavior Management (OBM).  Our goals and mission are devoted to establishing a technology of broad-based performance improvement and organizational change so that employees will be more productive and organizations will be more effective and efficient in achieving their goals.

Starting our careers as clinical practitioners, treating abused and neglected children and adolescents, we experienced first hand the positive impact that our Behavioral Sciences can have on changing the negative behavioral patterns that caused those children from being able to move beyond their abusive histories. The positive effects lied, not in the efforts of changing these histories or in attempting to change their personalities, but in developing/creating new replacement behaviors that would build on Goal Attainment, building positive relationships, and maximizing Learning potentials.

After many years of practicing, BCS was formed for one purpose alone- Impact!  The realization of the impact that Behavioral Sciences could have, not only in the Mental Health/Behavioral Health Industry, but generalized across all industries. So as a result, BCS focused its teachings on the group that has the greatest impact- Our Leaders.  So today, we are offering your Leadership and Management teams a new approach to Leadership development.  You no longer have to settle for Coaching strategies that cannot produce sustainability, or establish a measurement of their improved-upon goals.  When a Behavior Change approach is taken, each Goal is broken down to measurable and observable behaviors that can be tracked by the organization in proof of positive change.


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