Clinical Oriented Training is also available for both your Clinicians and Staff.  See Training section for further details.

BCS has spent over a decade partnering with Agencies, Schools and Treatment Facilities at all levels of care, for one cause:

To improve and raise the bar on the Quality of Implementation.  

Every partnering relationship experienced by BCS has shown a commitment to Quality on many fronts: From excellent designed, quality-driven plans, to the formation of quality teams made up of professionals devoted to driving your mission forward.  But like all organizations that reach a certain size, the ability to ensure consistent and on-going quality implementation across your employees becomes increasingly difficult. One common solution is the hiring of more managers/supervisors to oversee and regulate daily functions.  Unfortunately, even though more personnel is an important function of maintaining manageable performance and proper oversight, we often overlook the fact that 90% managers do not receive proper education and training on how to manage effectively or efficiently. The hiring process regularly checks and validates that our managers have experience in supervising others across a variety of acumen, but we never/seldom evaluate the type of management that was utilized or the outcomes that it produced.  As a result, we get an unintended drift in how our goals and objectives are met and begin to suffer from increased risk and liabilities. 

BCS is committed to realigning this error and improving the measures that drive effective and efficient performance in many ways:  

agencies & treatment facilities

  • ​​Development of Management Program: Beyond consultation, BCS supports the concept of the long-term maintenance  of your employee's on-going development.  As such, BCS has developed a Management Program designed to reinforce the development of your employee's performance.  It provides a systematic approach to learning new managerial knowledge and skills that can be incorporated into your current Performance Appraisal system.  The implementation of this program has had wide list of positive consequences on previous clients, from  improving employee retention measures through increased moral and organizational loyalty to producing an organization-wide standard of performance.
  • Management Training: Let us train your managers at your provider level.  Most are hungry for programs that will not only develop and advance their own professional skill sets, but also looking for content and tools to make their efforts more efficient and effective. We will provide a Best Practices approach to management training, showing each manager what style they currently operate with, and provide coaching and guidance on how to align and develop their management style into a style that the Literature shows maximizes performance! ​
  • Best-Practice Program Model Development:  BCS is committed to assisting your programs in aligning themselves with Best Practices per level of care.  Learn how to develop and incorporate a Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) Model into your Treatment Model that more effectively sets client treatment goals, while objectively tracking/monitoring client progress through the treatment cycle.  PBS is the leading research that has given way to the new "Positive Psychology" way of practice that is producing higher levels of clinical outcomes.
  • ​Behavior-Based Safety System:  Update your current Risk Management system to incorporate Evidenced-Based practices on how mitigate risk by being in front of your risk events (following a proactive model) as opposed to being behind your risk events (or taking a reactive model).  Most RM systems are designed to alert you into action once an event has occurred.  Although this is vitally important, the research and technology now exists to put you in a strategic position to not only develop and implement plans that dramatically reduce the future occurrence of present risk events, but proactively respond to your environment's potential future risk events.

Available services & consultation: