Clinical Supervision Models:  
How many of your Clinical Supervisors and/or Directors have great clinical skills as practitioners, but have never been taught how to supervise.  Interestingly enough, this is a wide-spread and common problem in the Behavioral Health Industry.  We all went to school to learn how to treat others, but these programs did not cover how to supervise, manage, or shape other clinicians when our careers develop into management positions.  

This training will:

  • Cover the 5 different types of Clinical Supervision Models
  • Help your Clinical Supervisors understand the type of Model that they apply in their daily management
  • Help gain understanding and align them with the industries Best Practice Model of Supervision

Case Conceptualization:  
Although this is an area that all clinicians are well trained in, this tends to be one of the first areas that gets quality compromised.  We promise we understand how it happens: high case loads; company/agency demands that are counter-productive to treatment recommendations; having to work with other disciplines that compromise the integrity of your interventions; and the worst of all-Time! As time passes, these stressors don't go away, they multiply!  

This training is a hands-on collaborative approach to  multi-disciplinary treatment planning.  We will explore Best Practices in Treatment planning and realign your clinicians to maximize the Quality of their documentation and treatment planning!

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Training:  
PBS is a  scientific, values-based approach that uses educational methods to teach skills and expand an individual's positive behavioral repertoire.  It has been utilized within a wide range of uses from school systems and residential treatment facilities, to dependency homes and office counseling uses. This Best Practices approach functions within systems of care with a preventive and early intervention focus that focuses to promote the overall quality of life of the youth entrusted into their care.  

If your goal is to increase positive teaching interactions between your staff and clients, while concurrently reducing the incidents of physical intervention, risk events, and client grievances, call BCS now to have us train your staff on the process of integrating PBS into your Treatment Program and Educative Model.