NEW LEADER / ON-BOARDING COACHING:   Coaches of individuals that are assigned or hired into new leadership roles help these leaders to accelerate their assimilation into and effectiveness in the new position.  The goal of the coaching is to clarify with the leaders key constituents the most important responsibilities of the new role, the deliverables of the first few months of the new assignment, and the ways in which the position is interdependent with others in the organization.


SUCCESSION COACHING (HIGH-POTENTIAL / DEVELOPMENTAL COACHING:  The coach works organizations to develop the potential of individuals who have been identified as key to the organization's future or part of the succession plan.  The focus of he coaching may include assessment, competancy development, or assistance planning and implementing strategic projects. The succession coach specifically helps assess candidates for senior management positions and prepares them for promotion to more senior roles.

PERFORMANCE COACHING (including Targeted Behavioral Coaching):​  Performance coaches help employees at all levels to better understand the requirements of their jobs, the competencies needed to fulfill those requirements, identify any gaps in their current performance, and opportunities to improve performance.  Coaches then work to fill in the identified performance gaps and develop plans for further professional development.

  • TARGETED BEHAVIORAL COACHING: Provides coaching to help employees and management positions how to change specific behaviors and/or habits that may be impeded forward movement within the organization. This type of coaching helps individuals, who are otherwise very valuable to their organization, to modify/change a behavior that it counterproductive. 

Great Leaders Equal Great Results!

COACHING FOR 360 DEBRIEFING AND DEVELOPMENT PLANNING:  Organizations that utilize assessment or 360 feedback processes often consult with coaches to assist employees to interpret the results of their assessment and feedback.  Additionally, coaches work with organizations to make business decisions and establish professional development plans based on feedback, assessment results, and other relevant data.

TEAM COACHING:  Coach works with a group, department, or team of employees to establish their team, mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement with one another.  Coaching focus is to build skills in facilitating team meeting, optimizing results as multiple performers are involved, and building effectiveness of the group as a high-performance team.  

Leadership Matters!

How many times has a department or division been under-producing or floundering, so a new leader is brought in to turn things around.
Soon after, there is increased energy, commitment and even new-found success. Employees are more satisfied with their jobs. They get more work done and the company makes more money. Why? Because leadership matters.

BCS focuses on Executive Coaching, Management Development Training, and Succession Training that utilizes a unique Behavioral Science methodology.  Derived from the Science of Behavior Analysis, the study of Human Behavior, BCS brings a more systematic and applied approach to leadership development that not only builds new and effective skill sets that are amenable to advancing through a Corporate environment, but also produce patterns that are sustainable over time.

Here at BCS, as scientists and researchers of Human Behavior, we are not interested in luring you with promises of Personality changes or upgrades or even helping you produce an Executive Personality Type.  These terms are meaningless concepts (a.k.a "Explanatory Fictions) without the behaviors that produce organizational goals and outcomes that drive deliverables!  


And that is what we specialize in changing or developing- BEHAVIORS!

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