Performance improvement process & methodology:

Based on Behavior-Based Performance Improvement Processes:

  • Behavior-based performance improvement process applies the principles of behavioral psychology. Most notably first used by B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov, to human behavior in an organization.

​​Every aspect of your organization is dependent on human behavior to function.  Even IT solutions depend on proper human interaction in order to work properly.  Every step of the process that occurs in your organization is a string of behavioral patterns.   Managing human behavior within an organization is a largely overlooked aspect of running a business, but is essential to making it successful.

We at BCS, whether the goal is instituting Change Management Methodology, Process Improvement Methodologies, or other types of methodology such as Six Sigma or Lean Processes, believe that the inclusion of performance improvement techniques in this process is a large part of what separates us from other consultancies.  Many traditional consultant services very effectively inform you of what you should do differently, but often not how to implement or even sustain those results.  Through our detailed implementation planning and the use of behavior-based performance management to facilitate change, we believe that we have developed a highly effective system for improving the workflow in your organization.