(2)  DiSC Training:  Explore the relationship between communication and Organization Group Culture.  This hands-on interactive training will take a close look at how our Leadership behaviors within Communication that effect and define the Organizational Culture of your Company.  This training will:

  • Define each participant's communication style via an in-class assessment;
  • ​Define and discuss the 4 Primary Communication Styles and how they interact with one another;
  • Discover how to maximize full collaboration across styles and promote more effective communication

​(1)  Management Style Training:  ​Are you aware that 80% of all people that hold Management or Supervisory positions, never received formal training in how to effectively manage and/or supervise.  

  • Discover an Evidenced-Based Literature Review on Management Styles.  
  • Discover what management style describes your current form of management.  
  • Uncover what it takes to evolve your current style into what the Literature describes as most effective and efficient.

​(3)  Coaching  for High Performance​:  Understand how Coaching Principles can introduce an efficient and effective approach to Staff Development and Performance Improvement.  You will learn:

The Best Practice approach to evaluating Performance
How to assess your employees performance utilizing objective and measurable techniques;
How to establish appropriate Performance goals to ensure Goal Attainment and set your employees up for success
How to restructure your Organizational PI Plan that ensures sustainability of acquired outcomes

(4)  Creating a Feedback Culture​:  Discover how to develop your current Organizational Culture to incorporate the Best Practice concept of Performance Feedback.  You will learn:

  • The common pitfalls that cause ineffective and temporary results in desired performance;
  • The necessary communication component required to provide effective feedback
  • The organizational structure required to maintain long-term results

BCS provides a variety of training that meet your Organization's needs.  Please explore our Training options per the following categories:

BCS is known for meeting the educational needs of our clients while providing high quality and convenient training solutions.  In understanding the principles that guide Learning, we provide these principles through the development of training that uphold Best Practices in Instructional Design and skill development.  

  • We conduct live, interactive training sessions at your location to make it more convenient and cost effective to train your groups.
  • At your request, we can tailor / modify your current training materials / curriculum to meet specific needs
  • We specialize in the development of Program Development to meet specific business objectives